The FCC Reverses Rules on Net Neutrality

The FCC’s decisions in the US to overturn Net Neutrality is bad news, period!The decision to overturn Net Neutrality went exactly like the Trump Administration expected it to go. Despite a highly theatrical distraction in the form of a bomb threat, the FCC voted 3-2 to overturn Obama-era net neutrality rules.Net neutrality is certainly not ... Read More »

15th Dec 2017

If you check your email between Netflix binges and see a message from the company claiming your account is about to be suspended, don’t open it—it’s likely a scam. Roughly 110 million Netflix subscribers have been targeted with the phishing emails, Deadline reports, asking them to update their account information. Mailguard, a tech ... Read More »

8th Nov 2017
SSL SECURITY | DigiCert Completes Acquisition of Symantec’s Website Security and Related PKI Solutions

  LEHI, Utah and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – October 31, 2017 – DigiCert Inc., the leading global provider of scalable identity and encryption solutions for the enterprise, and Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ:SYMC), the world’s leading cyber security company, today announced that DigiCert has completed its acquisition of Symantec’s Website ... Read More »

1st Nov 2017
SSL SECURITY | Comodo’s Certificate Authority Business Acquired by Francisco Partners

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Comodo has sold its Certificate Authority business. California-based Francisco Partners, a private equity firm, made the decision to acquire Comodo’s CA because of the current conditions in the SSL marketplace. Specifically, given the incoming mandate that all websites encrypt, and some of ... Read More »

31st Oct 2017

How One Simple Trick Just Put Out That Huge Ransomware FireFriday, May 12, 2017  Swati KhandelwalPublished BY: massive ransomware campaign hit computer systems of hundreds of private companies and public organizations across the globe – which is believed to be the most massive ... Read More »

14th May 2017

Security Adobe released patches and security bulletins today for yet another batch of "critical" security flaws, including flaws that allow an attacker to take control of the affected system. [We advise removing Adobe Flash from your systems because of its constant stream of security flaws and exploitation.] APSB17-15 • Adobe Flash ... Read More »

10th May 2017

Massive Google Docs OAuth Phishing Attack Spreading via EmailReceived by email. OAuth oversight allowed Google Docs ‘worm’ to spread like wildfire Update: For now, it looks like the Google Docs OAuth phishing attack is over. Cloudflare has killed the domain behind the attack. Google has revoked the app’s authentication token, and ... Read More »

4th May 2017
New safety rules for recreational drone use take immediate effect

News Release From Transport Canada Transport Canada introduces measures to protect Canadians from reckless drone use March 16, 2017              Toronto, Ontario                        Transport Canada Canadians expect to feel safe on the ground and in the sky. The number of incidents involving ... Read More »

1st May 2017
OSX Malware is Catching Up

The year 2017 is proving to be the year of due diligence, security, and protecting yourself at all times. We are republishing this article because it is important for Mac users as well as Windows users to ensure their data and their clients data are secure and free of any virus, Malware, or trogons. OSX Malware is Catching Up, and it wants to ... Read More »

28th Apr 2017
Stingray surveillance in Canada?

Published by OPENMEDIAThursday, April 27, 2017Recently, the RCMP was finally forced to admit - for the first time ever - that they’ve been spying on Canadian cellphones.1 The reason for this sudden u-turn was shocking: an investigation revealed that politicians themselves were possible victims of spying, after Stingray surveillance devices were ... Read More »

27th Apr 2017

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