We have exciting news!
To improve performance even further Evolving Media & Design Inc.® will be performing a planned upgrade on all web hosting accounts starting December 5, 2018. While we don’t anticipate any particular issues or downtime, this upgrade will apply an active change to your account.
Why the upgrade? Today, the speed at which a site loads in a browser on a computer or smart device translates into happier clients, better search rankings, and potentially more sales. In September and October of this year, we migrated all of our client hosting accounts to newer equipment and server software. The hosting control panel software, cPanel, now runs on LiteSpeed Server; a modern environment instead of Apache.  
The company LiteSpeed is introducing dynamic caching technology in the server software which Evolving Media & Design Inc. will add to all web hosting accounts thereby increasing performance for you and your visitors.
Now the serious part. 49% of Phishing websites are now using HTTPS and activating the green padlock in modern web browsers.
Our industry needs to have a more transparent discussion about HTTPS and the green padlock.
Every month it seems a new milestone is met in the internet’s mass migration from HTTP://www.yourdomainname.com to the secured HTTPS://www.yourdomainname.com protocol with more websites adopting SSL/TLS and securing their connections. Unfortunately, today we’re reporting a far more dubious milestone: nearly half of all phishing websites are also using the secure protocol HTTPS, too.
While this is inevitable, given the fact that HTTPS has become the new standard and modern web browsers are blocking sites that are not secured. A situation which casts a light on an issue that is going to plague the Internet until Industry leaders start to have a more frank discussion about HTTPS and the reality that Secure doesn't necessarily equal safe.
So, today with Christmas only weeks away and people doing most of their shopping online,  we’re asking everyone to be more diligent, take extra precautions, and verify the sites that you're visiting. Evolving Media & Design Inc. will maintain a discussion on security, the HTTPS protocol, and people’s misperceptions about it and what everyone needs to do better to correct any misconceptions moving forward.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

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