Lately, we have been receiving emails from individuals sending in Job Applications. The emails seem innocent enough, see the example below;


From Tam Skipworth (Actual email from


Good Afternoon,

My name is Tam Skipworth, and I'm interested in a position.



I've attached a copy of my resume.

Please click here to download my resume. (The link has been disabled for safety reasons)

The password for the file is 1234

Thank you!


Tam Skipworth





The phone number may be an international number, we do not know, and we're not going to try it either. We're located in Canada. If one were to select the link within the email, the web browser would launch and take you to and a linked image or file would either display or download on to your system.


This email is Spam with the possibility of having Malware launch on your device. Please do not open these type of emails, mark it as Spam within your email client.


Please share with others.

Thank you

The team at Evolving Media & Design Inc.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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