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From domain registration and eye-catching website design to reliable hosting and maintenance services.


On-line Research

81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases.

Source: Retail Today, 2014


Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet

In Canada, as of March 2017: 58.7% of people use a desktop computer when accessing the Internet. Due to increased costs, only 29.19% of people access the Internet with a mobile device. That leaves 12.11% of people who access the Internet using a tablet device.

Source: Global Stats Stat Counter

Number of Internet Users

In 2017, approximately 320,068,243 People in North America access the Internet on a daily basis using a variety of devices. A growth of 196.1% since the year 2000.


Let's Get Social

This is an easy answer. Facebook accounts for 74% of all users. If you're a business, you cannot afford to not be on Facebook.

How do the others fare:

• 16.13% use Pinterest,
• 4.7% use Twitter,
• 1.88% use Tumblr

Source: Global Stats Stat Counter

Verify a Website

The percentage of viewers who will check and verify your website before making a purchase.

A businesses website is vital in closing the deal and selling a product or service.

Source: DreamGrow

Take Advantage With Evolving Media

By using the latest technologies, we're future-proofing your Brand.

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At Evolving Media we provide a full spectrum of services at competitive rates. These include content development and communication design, Graphic Design, Photography, Website Design, and Hosting services.

"In the early days, a website was coded by hand, using complex programming and software to achieve the simplest of results."

At Evolving Media, we have been developing user interfaces (the look and feel) and company websites, since before the term “Internet was coined”— Managing both the front-end and the back-end of the service with our boutique style Hosting packages.

Evolving Media develops websites using open source standards and updated frameworks (HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, to name a few). Your site will be accessible regardless of the operating system, web browser or mobile device you or your clients are using.

If you wish to manage your website yourself, we employ a number of Content Management Solutions.

The freedom is yours.

Do you have an existing website? You can host your services with us (billed monthly, semi-annually, or annually) and receive maximum bandwidth, which allows your site to grow, even as you control your costs.


Here are a few examples of websites that Evolving Media has had the pleasure to design and host.

EvolvingMedia | Colonnade Security

Colonnade Security

Colonnade Security Inc. is an Alarm Installation company serving residencial and commercial clients within Ottawa, the greater Ottawa Region and Eastern Ontario.

Colonnade Security Inc. commissioned EvolvingMedia to transfer, modify an existing design to make it responsive, update the site, edit the text, add new sections, maintain and host their website to promote their successful business.

The website was relaunched on June 30, 2017.


Evolving Media

Our own website sometimes resembles a mechanic's car. It is always the last item on our list.  We try to update our website and introduce new concepts every year. But alas, the last real update was completed three years ago in 2014.

A lot has changed since then. Technologies have matured and have come into their own while others have been forgotten. Adobe Flash comes to mind. Google made an aggressive effort to make responsive design the norm — and they succeeded. Websites that do not take advantage of the security that SSL Certificates provide will be identified in Google searches as unsecured — thus scaring potential clients away.

Our website was refreshed in early 2017, and we have been refining and tweaking it every month.

EvolvingMedia | Our own company website
EvolvingMedia | Kitchens On Wheels Canada

Kitchens On Wheels Canada

In November 2016, Evolving Media redesigned a responsive website and launched the latest update to the Kitchens On Wheels Canada website. A new company logo was designed, text was edited and refined, a new high energy video was added.

Since the time we first introduced their company in 2010, this is the fourth version of their website that Evolving Media designed.


Corporate Mobile Marketing

It is a pleasure working with a new company, Corporate Mobile Marketing.

EvolvingMedia was commissioned to research the competition, design a new company logo, create a new company slogan “Amplify Your Brand”, write promotional text, register new domain names, design and program a new responsive website.

This website is hosted by and was launched on Wednesday, August 3, 2016. If you have a moment, take a look.

EvolvingMedia | Corporate Mobile Marketing
EvolvingMedia | Hubert Sabourin Inc.

Hubert Sabourin Inc.

In the spring of 2017, Evolving Media & Design Inc. was commissioned to not only take over the service from the Yellow Pages, but to design a new website. The website needed to reflect Hubert Sabourin's business as a Steel Supplier in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. The website needed to showcase their other products and services as well, such as replacement backhoe teeth, commercial fasteners, and welding.

To achieve this, new promotional text needed to be written, new photographs of the warehouse and equipment had to be taken, a new responsive website had to be designed and launched. Web hosting services provided by


Leather North

In 2012, Evolving Media was commissioned to design and host a new
e-commerce website for Leather North. They are a company that specializes in handmade, high quality leather tool belts for the professional and Butterfly Leather seats for the home. 

This project involved taking photos, editing provided photos and text, designing the look and feel of the website, and programming the functionality.  The website makes use of PayPal for all transactions.

The website was last updated in January 2016.


EvolvingMedia | Leather North

You have an idea, a concept. We have the creative know-how to get you there. Let Evolving Media develop your story.