Frequestly Asked Questions

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FAQ | About the studio

Yes, Evolving Media is a Registered Trade Mark, the BRAND, of Evolving Media & Design Inc.® in Canada and the United States. Evolving Media & Design Inc.® is a Federally Incorporated Company, located in Alexandria, Ontario, Canada, the hub of the golden triangle. Alexandria is at the center, only a short drive to Montreal, Ottawa, Hawkesbury, or Cornwall.

Evolving Media is celebrating over 20 years in business. We started in 1995 and incorporated our business Federally in Canada in 1996.

Evolving Media started designing internal websites (Intranet) for governement agencies in 1996-1997. We started hosting client websites in 1998, so 19 years. A lot has changed.

Evolving Media's studio is open Monday to Friday, by Appointment only, from 9 am to 6 pm. Our on-line store to place orders for printing, web hosting services, or other products and services is open 24 hours a day.

Technical Service is available after hours by e-mail.

The answer is YES! Our photo studio is portable, so we can setup a photoshoot anywhere. This is a great advantage to you, depending on the photo assignment, instead of spending money bringing the subject here, we can take the studio to you.

FAQ | About Commercial Printing

At Evolving Media, we accept artwork in PDF (Portable Document Format) for Offset Press. This is the most common and preferred file format for submitting digital documents. With the installation of a PDF print driver on your computer, virtually any program can generate a PDF file suitable for printing. Both commercial and free PDF print drivers are available online for download from different sources. Your PDF files should be saved at:

• 300 dpi

• compression turned off

• crop marks enabled

• if your artwork is full page, make sure you include a bleed (extend your artwork of the page by a minimum of .125 in)

• no colour bars or slug area.

• convert to destination (U.S. Web, don't include profiles)

• Please make sure security is turn off.

Today's offset printing presses use the latest in direct-to-plate (DTP) technologies. To achieve the sharp, bright colour and image reproduction that only an offset press can deliver, images must be a minimum of 300 dpi.

• Images used within your artwork, at the final size, must be saved at a resolution of 300 dpi.

• Images taken from the Internet (usually 72 dpi) and used within your publication cannot be used on a printing press.

    This will result in very poor print quality.

This is a very simplified overview of colour theory. RGB is a colour space based on light – used in digital cameras, computer monitors, digital scanners and some desktop printers. CMYK is a colour space based on ink – used for commercial offset printing press projects. CMYK stands for the 4 colour process inks used in offset press printing – Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Black (K is used so as to not confuse it with blue or cyan). Combining these colours of ink allows for reproduction of thousands of colours, and is sometimes called “full colour” printing. The issue in commercial printing projects arises from the fact that the RGB colour space does not correspond exactly to the CMYK colour space. It is therefore possible for you to see colours on your computer monitor that cannot be reproduced by an offset printing press. RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. Colour is a form of light energy that comes in waves. The visual spectrum is continuous. However, most dominant colours in the spectrum are red, green, and blue. RGB colour is in fact to colour as we see it – or to be more specific, light waves, such as the ones that come from your computer monitor. Colours displayed on computer monitors and captured by scanners and digital cameras are in RGB. When designing for the Internet, RGB is the colour space that you use. Many desktop colour printers are designed to interpret RGB colour, and translate it into ink on a page.

The following check list will help ensure that your file is print ready:

We accept artwork in PDF (Portable Document Format) format. If there is an issue with your file that we can fix easily, we do so for free. As a result, your job moves forward without delay. If however, we run into problems with your file, you will be notified right away. If there is an additional charge, we will let you know.

Be sure that all files have been converted to CMYK colour mode. We can do a conversion from RGB to CMYK for you. However, we do so using standard Photoshop conversion values, which may or may not yield the result you are looking for.

All images need to be 300 dpi.

Text must be at least 1/8th inch inside of the cut line on all sides.

If your page bleeds, please provide 1/8" on each edge.

Outline all fonts when working in Photoshop or Illustrator, embed fonts in other programs and flatten all layers.

Include all fonts and other support files.

If your files are large (above 10 mb), place all the files in a folder and compress it as a .ZIP archive. This will produce a single compressed file that you can upload to our servers.

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a colour reproduction standard in which colours all across the spectrum are each identified by a unique, independent number. The use of PMS allows us to precisely match colours and maintain colour consistency throughout the printing process.

Evolving Media provides a PDF file of the final brochure, poster, postcard, rack card, business card, for Offset Press. All working files remain the property of Evolving Media, unless negotiated in advance, in writing. If Evolving Media designs a logo for your business or organization, then the logo is provided in a variety of file formats, including vector versions of the logo in Adobe Illustrator, an industry standard, and .EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files.

FAQ | About Corporate Branding

The answer is YES! EvolvingMedia can design an original logo for your business, organization, product, service, or corporate branding. We can also recreate a logo, if the artwork is lost. Each and every logo is designed in vector format, so the artwork can be used on any medium.

How would I know if the logo that Evolving Media designs, is original, and can be used legally? A NUANS Search is conducted on the artwork, before it is handed to you to use. There is an extra fee to conduct this search based on where you plan to conduct business. This will be discussed in the verification stage of the logo design.

When Evolving Media designs a new logo for your company or organization, we do not use ClipArt. Every element of the design is hand illustrated in vector format, resolution independent.

Yes, once the artwork is paid in full, you will have secondary ownership of the artwork. Evolving Media maintains the primary ownership of the artwork for copyright reasons. Evolving Media reserves the right to showcase the artwork for promotional purposes, use within our portfolio, our website, and any visual presentations that Evolving Media might take part in. This is ultimately to your benefit, as our own promotional efforts will help promote your business or organization.

What is NUANS?

NUANS is a computerized search system that compares a proposed corporate name or Trade-mark with databases of existing corporate bodies and Trade-marks. This comparison determines the similarity that exists between the proposed name or mark and existing names in the database, and produces a listing of names that are found to be most similar.

NUANS is a registered Trade-mark of the government of Canada. The software and the data is the property of Industry Canada. The NUANS goals include: 

• Quality - Cite all names that conflict with the proposed name in a concise, easily readable report format;

•  Economy - Minimize the time and effort required by searching staff in performing the name check function and optimize the use of computer resources required in a name search;

•  Consistency - Produce reports, upon which name granting decisions can be made, that are of equal high quality for all names searched without the dangers of human subjectivity; 

•  Flexibility - Be flexible enough to accommodate the various differences between jurisdictions in legislation concerning the name checking and name granting process. NUANS is currently in use in jurisdictions where name searching is totally privatized, partially privatized or still totally under control of the corporate administrator. 

The NUANS approach is to automate the name searching function by having a program with enough "intelligence" to consider all possible criteria for confusion between proposed and existing names. In simple terms, NUANS is a large computer program which provides a complete search, regardless of the name formulation. There are certain programs which perform the phonetic searching, and others do more direct searching dependent on the length of the words. There is a NUANS Dictionary which is composed of descriptive words, a synonym table, and other features to allow a user to enter additional name spellings when inputting a name to be searched.

The simplest answer is this. You are investing a lot of money in either starting up a new company, developing a new product or service, or revitalizing an existing brand. A NUANS Search report or Trade mark Search helps to ensure the validity of the new logo. The report helps to establish whether the logo can legally be used, that the logo is not infringing on another company or organizations trade mark. If the report states that the new logo does not infringe on another Trade mark in Canada, then you roughly have a few hours to decide whether to proceed and Trade mark the new logo to protect the design.

It is your right to refuse a NUANS Search. However, Evolving Media will not be held liable if, in the slim chance, the logo infringes on a Trade Mark. You will be asked to sign a waiver form, stating that you refuse to have a NUANS Search conducted.

FAQ | About Website Design

The answer is YES! Jeff Poissant, RGD is a multi-talented graphic and communications designer. We have been designing websites for Intranet and Internet since 1997. Today, we use Open Source Standards and take advantage of the current strength of HTML5 and CSS3.

Evolving Media has been designing websites for a long time. Clients that have listened to our ideas and our suggestions have received an excellent return on their Investment. Some clients have grown into large corporations, others are content with the steady pace of new clients they receive.

Here are a few examples:

Alexandria Veterinary Clinic in North Glengarry. This client had a major problem where potential new clients couldn't find the location. Evolving Media was commissioned to design and host a simple website, where photos, maps providing directions, and simple text, were the main ingredients. This website was launched a few years ago, the clinic, has received 4 to 6 new clients daily, from as far east as Quebec City, and as far West as Hamiliton. The website, despite its simplicity has had a great influence on this Veterinary Client.

Kitchens on Wheels Canada in Eastern Ontario, was a small company, designing and building a few concession trailers a year. Evolving Media was commissioned to design, program and host a new website eight years ago. The company is now one of the leading manufacturers of Mobile Concession and Retail concession trailers and trucks in Canada. The company receives hundreds of new requests a day, they can literally pick and choose whom they want to work with. The fourth iteration of their website and a new revised logo was launched in November 2016. There website is complex, integrating photos, video, sound and more.They have experienced an excellent return on their investment.

Thirdly, there is the Glassblowing Place, Evolving Media was commissioned in 2010 to design a new company logo, take photos, design, program and host an e-commerce website which also included a calendaring system for private classes, artist profiles, and more. The company had over a thousand individually, handcrafted peices of fine Canadian Hand blown hot glass to sell, each individually photographed by the artist, catalogued, and uploaded to the server. The e-commerce website also served as their main cash register. This website was large, extensive, and did well. Unfortunately, the partnership did not.  

At Evolving Media, we get asked this question a lot. The simple answer is, it depends, there is no quick answer.

We ask questions such as:

• Who is providing the content (text, photos, video, etc.)?
• How many languages will the website have?
• Who will provide the translations?
• Will you host your website with

• Do you plan to sell merchandise on your website, an e-commerce solution?

These are just the basic questions...

You can host your services with and receive maximum bandwidth, which allows your website to grow, even as you control your costs.

Yes, you can design and start your very own website. Evolving Media gives you a vast array of tools to take your idea or business online today! From site building tools and templates, to our one-click application installer. You also have access to the MOJO Marketplace, where you can purchase additional services, everything you need to launch a website is literally at your fingertips. Perfect for those who want to design their own website.

You need to create a separate account to purchase services through MOJO MarketPlace. Evolving Media is not affiliated, nor a part of MOJO Marketplace. This is a separate service offered to help you succeed.

Designing a professional website that garners results, requires preplanning and research. Research on your current market, research on your competition, and research on new markets you may not have even been aware of. Before we even start the content gathering phase of a project, we haven't touched designing yet, Evolving Media spends a day or two researching your competition.

It may seem like a lot of time, but things like content structure and delivery, overall website functionality, and other details must be planned out!

FAQ | About Web Hosting Services

19 years, Evolving Media started designing internal websites (Intranet) for governement agencies in 1996-1997. We started hosting client websites in 1998. A lot has changed.

Web hosting, sometimes referred to as website hosting, is a service that one buys to acquire space on a server. Think of it as renting an apartment in an apartment building. You are provided the space, how you furnish the rooms are up to you. Another essential service that is needed when purchasing web hosting space, is a domain name, email hosting services, and a SSL Security Certificate to protect your clients data.

With each hosting package, Evolving Media provides access to cPanel, a website builder, one-click installation of WordPress, Joomla, or other Content Management Systems so you may design your own website, if desired. An advanced package is also available if you would like to setup an e-commerce website, and sell products.

At Evolving Media we have different hosting packages to serve your needs. Each package enables you to setup e-mail, create databases, and run certain scripts. Technical support is available by phone during the day, or by e-mail after hours. Our Client Care Portal provides an ever evolving knowledge base. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at 613-482-1159. If long distance is a problem, leave a message with the best time to reach you and we'll return your call.

All web hosting plans provide:

• Server space, or disk space.
• Bandwidth (Data transfer per month)
• Site Backup
• A user control panel to access the features you have
• E-mail services, with webmail access

The type pf package you purchase, determines whether you gain access to more advance features. 

Evolving Media Automatic Backups
EvolvingMedia’s automatic backup service runs once a week on a random day, and each run overwrites any previous backups.

  1. Only one week of backups are kept at a time.
  2. EvolvingMedia backups are provided as a courtesy and are not guaranteed.
  3. Customers are responsible for their own backups and web content and should make their own backups for extra protection using the cPanel Control Panel, which you have access too.
  4. For additional information, please refer to our Terms of Service.
  5. Your cPanel can be restored by Evolving Media by submitting a Support Ticket.
  6. Please remember that our backups are intended for emergency situations only. You should not rely on our backups as the only copy of your content.
  7. Accounts found to be exceeding the 100,000 inode limit will automatically be removed from our backup system to avoid over-usage.
  8. Large Backups You may only create manual backups via cPanel of 10 GB or less. If your backup is larger than 10 GB or over 150,000 files, you should summit a support Ticket to EvolvingMedia support for assistance.
  9. EvolvingMedia is unable to create full backups of accounts that are larger than 20 GB. Other limitations may also apply.

The following are commonly asked questions pertaining to EvolvingMedia's backup policy.

What If my account was suspended? If your account is suspended less than one week before we run backups, your account will still be backed up. If you have been suspended for more than a week when we run backups, your old backup will be erased and your account will not be included in the new backups. We will thus have no backups for your account.

How do I restore my own backup? A partial backup, such as a mySQL database or Home Directory can be restored with the Backup icon within cPanel (the same place where the backup was generated by the user). A full backup must be restored by the root user for the server. To request a restoration of your content from a backup file, simply submit a trouble ticket. Please clearly indicate what content you want restored and if there is anything you do not wish to restore.

Is there a cost for restoring a file from a Backup? Evolving Media requires a $35 fee to restore a weekly backup; however, if you provide your own backup file, the fee will be waived.