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Walk down any given aisle at the local grocery store. Take a look at the products on the shelf, which one stands out? Which one creates a sense of curiosity or a want?

Most of the items you see on the shelf are owned by a few Mega Conglomerates like Proctor & Gamble or Coca Cola. Most of the product labels and packaging designs are nearly the same: similar fonts, colours and even graphics.

These companies dominate the consumer retail environment, so they don’t need to try too hard. They know that 8 out of 10 times, you’ll purchase their product.

What do you do if your a smaller, niche-based specialty company?

STAND OUT! Take more creative liberty with your product label and packaging. Take risks with colour, the type of image, transparencies, the type of packaging, and more.


BLEND-IN: You either blend in, like most Dollar Store type items, and hope the consumer will choose your product.

Think Evolving Media

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