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Evolving Media & Design Inc. | The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Recruitment Posters and Museum Brochures

Cameron Highlanders
of Ottawa

In the year 2000, Jeff Poissant, RGD of Evolving Media & Design Inc.® was commissioned to design a few bilingual recruitment posters and a brochure to promote an on-site museum within the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa headquarters.

Building Techologies

A young company at the time, in 2003, Building Technologies Inc., commissioned Evolving Media to create original photographs, promotional Ad copy, and to design something different; a three-panel brochure that when folded flat, measured 8.5 x 11 inches to promote their business.

The promotional campaign was so successful, that Evolving Media & Design Inc. worked with Building Technologies until the business was sold. 

Evolving Media & Design Inc. | Building Technologies Executive Brochure
Evolving Media & Design Inc. | DND National Defence

DND National Defence

Some opportunities come once in a lifetime. It was a real pleasure to be part of Canadian history.

In 2002, Jeff Poissant, RGD, of Evolving Media & Design Inc. was commissioned to photograph each Order, Decoration and Medal received by Canadian soldiers. The objective, to create a digital library. We had the pleasure of creating the first three editions of the library from 2002 to 2008.

Friends of Glengarry Trails Association

Since 2006, Jeff Poissant, RGD, created and designed the Brand that is the Glengarry Trails today. From the logo design, to brochures, to membership forms, to advertisements, to directional signs, to the information signs along the Garry Fen Trail in Alexandria, Ontario.

Of interest, some of the photos that were selected by the committee are from Jeff's private collection.

Evolving Media & Design Inc. | Friends of Glengarry Trails Association
Evolving Media & Design Inc. | Colonnade Security Inc. Website design and web hosting services

Colonnade Security Inc.

Evolving Media & Design Inc. has had the pleasure of working with Carl Waddell since 1999. Back then, Carl was the owner of Regional Protection and the Monitoring Station in Ottawa. Throughout the years, we have worked on many different projects, designed and maintained websites and hosted them on our service.

Colonnade Security Inc. is the latest asset. In 2017, Evolving Media designed a modern responsive website that promotes the most recent Alarm Installation business in Ottawa.

Evolving Media & Design Inc. hosts and maintains the website.

Participation Music Hall Theatre Productions

The brain child of Maestros Robert William "Bob" Hardy and Willard "Bill" Riley, Participation Musical Hall Theatre Productions was a fun way to bring music from the American Song book, original songs, and comedy together on the stage.

Here is a video that Evolving Media & Design Inc. created in 2015, the song is entitled "Spotted Dick Blues" an original score. Enjoy!

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