The Art of LOGO Design and BRANDING

At Evolving Media, Graphic Design is our core business. It is at the centre of everything that we do.

You decided to start your own business. You jumped through hoops to write a business and marketing plan. You obtained financing, and you decided on a name for your business. You jumped through hoops again to make sure you can legally use your new-found business name. A NUANS Search gave you the answer.

So why risk your hard-earned idea, by skimping on one of the most critical elements of your marketing portfolio - Your company logo.

Today, there are many options available, many claiming to be free. There are services online where with a few simple clicks, VOILA! You have a logo. Is this legal, shady maybe. You run the risk of using another companies Brand. You risk losing your initial investment because the emblem or wordmark you decided to use is a registered Trade Mark in Canada or the United States.

Why risk it!

At Evolving Media, all of the logos that we design are hand drawn, original, in vector format. We do not use ClipArt or digital libraries in the design process. After all, don't you deserve to be unique?

Samples of our work

At Evolving Media & Design Inc., we have had the pleasure of designing logos for the following businesses.

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At Evolving Media, we have been designing company logos for over 20 years. The technology has changed, but for the most part, everything remains the same.

Designing a new logo requires research, it requires many conversations and listening on our part. When designing a logo, we become part of your team, we listen to your wants and don't want.

For example:

  • Does your business need an icon or a symbol as part of the logo?
  • What are your company colours?
  • Would a stylized type be enough?
  • Do you plan on Trade Marking your logo?
  • Do you do business in other countries?
  • What is it that you do not want to see (very important)?
  • What is your timeline? 

These are only the tip of the iceberg, but simple questions like these need to be asked. Next, we discuss style and how it fits into your industry.

Before any work begins, we discuss price and what you will receive for your investment. Afterall, this is an investment in the future success of your business or organization.

START Building your BRAND!

You have an idea, a concept. We have the creative know-how to get you there. Let Evolving Media develop your story.