With the right ingredients and know-how, a professionally constructed, cinematic Video, is a surefire way of enticing your potential client, to buy your products or services.

It doesn't have to be a big affair.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities!

No longer a luxury, video is a necessity, a real game changer. The frequency in which people are viewing and making decisions based on what they see and hear, while using their smart devices is increasing everyday.


The following video was produced for the Taggart Family Y in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in support of "YMCA Programme de sensibilisation aux jeux de hazard chez les jeunes (PSJJ).

Original Music by Billie-Lou Roy and Nadia Périard
Video by Jeff Poissant, RGD - from a kids perspective.
Published July 27, 2014

The Waltzing Walker

Original Music Score by:
Robert William Hardy and Katherine Smith

Video by Jeff Poissant, RGD
Published September 2015

Sweet Georgia Brown

Original Music Score by:
Robert William Hardy

Video by Jeff Poissant, RGD
Published in 2015
Early film effects applied to age video.


EvolvingMedia, at its core, is a graphic design company. That creativity is the cornerstone of everything that we do. Through teamwork, we write a script that creates a Cinematic experience. Drawing the viewer into the short story to promote your product, service or event.

This is one of the biggest and most important questions of all! Backing up the footage while recording and also in storage is of the most importance. While recording, very subtle nuances maybe captured, that can not be repeated.

EvolvingMedia will record in the desired format of choice. What does that mean? It ultimately depends on what the end use is. If your intent is to sell a new product, that product may have a limited life span or shelf life.

We select the tools required for the medium.

At EvolvingMedia we do all our editing in-house using the FinalCut Pro Editing Suite. This ensures that the final film meets our quality control standards and yours.

Yes, you can hire EvolvingMedia to edit all or part of a video. Take the video on the right. We were asked to adjust and balance the colour for the scenes at sunset, then add and adjust the soundtrack. This was part of our redesign of the Kitchens On Wheels Canada website.

Take a look at:

Commissioned to balance the colour, saturation, and other levels within the video. Add credits, and adjust the provided Audio.

You have an idea, a concept. We have the creative know-how to get you there. Let Evolving Media develop your story.