Sign and POP Display Design

Enhance your brand, have your product or service stand out and draw attention. Take advantage of modern integrated technologies that extend the reach and flexibility of your sign or retail POP display.

La Plume Moderne Pull Up Banner

La Plume Moderne

Maestro, Robert William Hardy and Maestro, Willard Riley, two composers whose speciality is writing and arranging music for Symphany Orchestras. Jeff Poissant of Evolving Media was commissioned to design this pull-up banner, a comical representation of what writing orginal music entales. Sleepless nights, lots of coffee, liquid paper,  a lot of imagination and a good partnership.

This banner is used at trade shows, motivational speaking engagements, and live events to promote La Plume Moderne. 

The Glassblowing Place

A local business that specialized in original Canadian crafted Hot Glass by David Paterson and partners. Evolving Media was commissioned to design the company logo, the company website, rack cards, advertisements and other promotional material. This pull up banner was designed to be used at Trade shows and various art fairs.

Original photography and design by Jeff Poissant 

Pull up banner for the Glassblowing Place that was in Alexandria, Ontario

Advertising and Marketing experts agree, "You only have a few seconds to capture your audiences attention". Which maybe true, however, creating a campaign theme, ensuring the look of your campaign is uniform across all media platforms, is essential. A creed we live by, is "Good Design is Good Business". Today, that holds true now, more than ever, as we're constantly being distracted with something new.

Summerstown Trails

Before the Summerstown Trails opened to the public, Evolving Media was commissioned, by the founding Board of Directors, to design a new logo, a trail map, a brochure, a poster, parking signs, and a series of outdoor "You are here signs" that were placed at key junctions along the trails.

Design by Jeff Poissant 

Outdoor Trail Map Sign, Summerstown Trails
Sophia Healthy Choices Outdoor Sign

Sophia's Healthy Choices

A new business located in Alexandria, Ontario at the time. Evolving Media was commissioned to design a new company logo, an outdoor sign, sidewalk signs to direct traffic to the home based store, advertisements and a website.

The company has since closed their location in Alexandria, but I believe Sophia is still selling her natural products at various flea markets.

Design by Jeff Poissant

Glengarry Trails

Jeff Poissant , owner of Evolving Media, was commissioned to design a series of "You are Here" map signs that are placed at key points along the Glengarry Trails in Alexandria, Ontario. 

Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa

Georgian House
Restaurant & Day Spa

Jeff Poissant of Evolving Media was commissioned to design an A-frame road sign to attract drivers and passers by to have lunch at the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa.

As part of a previous campaign, we came up with the slogan "Something Special, For You, Every Day!".

Orginal photography by Jeff Poissant.
Our esteemed chef, Heinz Kaswurm, is the food stylist.

A price was added to the sign in BIG BOLD LETTERING to emphasize the fact that someone could have and enjoy a hearty meal starting at $9.95 plus tax. 

You have an idea, a concept. We have the creative know-how to get you there. Let Evolving Media develop your story.