Professional Commercial and Industrial Photography

Jeff Poissant, RGD, owner of Evolving Media have provided photographic services to businesses, government, non-profits, and industry for more than 20 years.

Have our Photos been published?

Jeff has been asked on various occasions if the photos that were taken for clients have ever been published. The resounding answer is YES!

Our photographs have indeed been published locally, nationally and Internationally in Trade journals, catalogues, client projects, signage, brochures, and on various client websites.

Below you shall find a few project samples from different years.

National Defence

Directorate of Honours and Recognition
Orders, Decorations and Medals

Digital Library, 3rd Edition, 2008

Building Technologies

In 2003, EvolvingMedia was commissioned to create original photographs, promotional Ad Copy, and design a three panel, 8.5 x 11 inch folded flat, brochure to effectively promote their business.

Friends of Glengarry Trails Assoc. | Outdoor Garry Fen Information Signs

Friends of Glengarry Trails Association

In 2014, Jeff Poissant, RGD, designed and printed information signs that were placed along the Garry Fen Trail in Alexandria, Ontario. Some of the selected photos were from Jeff's private collection.

The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa

In the year 2000, Evolving Media was commissioned to design a few bilingual recruitment posters and a brochure to promote the on-site museum  within the Cameron Highlanders headquarters.

This project included photographing various soldiers on location. Evolving Media commissioned Fred Cattrol Photo Associates in Ottawa to take the original photos, due to time constraints. Jeff edited the images, removed the backgrounds for use within his design.

EvolvingMedia | Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa photograph

Samples of photos taken by Jeff Poissant

Industrial, Commercial, Promotional, Event Photography since 1995.

More case studies and samples of our work will be added shortly, stay tuned!

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